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Why is it so important to have healthy gums?

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If plaque is not removed by brushing and flossing, it may build up and cause the bacteria to destroy gums. The next stage is damage to the teeth and eventually to the gum tissue and bone, which constitute support for the teeth. The may cause the teeth to loosen, fall out or require to be removed by a dentist (tooth extraction). The condition of the gums may…

How often you should remove calculus

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Usually this hygienisation procedure is performed once every 6 months. The procedure, however, includes not only calculus removal (using ultrasound) but also removal of plaque (using a sandblaster) and fluoridation. Only the three activities performed at once ensure proper protection of the teeth and a fresh, white smile. Sometimes, there are indications for more frequent

Causes of tooth extraction

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The tooth removal (extraction) procedure should be considered a last-resort procedure by both the dentist and the patient. Tooth extraction is a dental procedure that needs to be preceded by taking an extensive medical history from the patient. The extraction procedure also needs to be carefully planned and performed. It requires an X-ray to be taken. This results from the fact that the extraction procedure