Conservative and aesthetic

Our Ochota staff specializing in cosmetic and conservative dentistry includes:

Our Centrum staff specializing in cosmetic and conservative dentistry includes:

Conservative dentistry deals with methods of preserving teeth in their natural shape and colour. The main role of conservative dentistry is to prevent and treat the most common tooth disease – tooth decay. Treating tooth decay-related losses is now pain-free. With the use of advanced materials, such a treatment can be performed in an aesthetic way, almost invisibly. This allows us to preserve natural properties. Filling materials have a wide selection of colours, thanks to which they can be perfectly matched to the colour of a patient’s tooth.

Cosmetic dentistry includes all areas of dentistry and aims at improving teeth appearance. Within its scope, we can change the shape of teeth (make them longer, shorter, wider) or even their colour, as well as provide beautiful and elegant filling for some teeth.

Apart from standard services related to teeth treatment and prophylaxis, we also offer a wide selection of cosmetic dentistry services, including professional and safe teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whiteningbeautiful white teeth are a highly valued benefit today. White teeth make you more attractive and self-confident, and foster your well-being. When you have white and healthy teeth, you are more eager to smile, as a result of which other people see us in a more positive way. There are many ways to whiten your teeth. Whitening becomes more and more common among our patients.

Before whitening, you need to eliminate tooth decay, dirt, and calculus. For those who look for a more effective process, we offer a so-called home method based on the use of a special only created on the basis of teeth impression. It is filled in with a professional gel and the patient controls the effects on their own.

It is also worth remembering that both during and after whitening, you should be on a „white diet” in order to prevent discolouration. This means that you should eliminate colouring products such as coffee, tea, red wine.

The second whitening method – in office – is a lot faster and more effective than only whitening. Within an hour, you get an immediate effect. This solution cannot be used in case of pregnant women and people with sensitive teeth. There is also a method which allows you to whiten a dead tooth. It is based on applying a whitening agent inside the tooth repeatedly, to the moment when a satisfactory effect/color is reached.

All the above presented methods are safe and do not damage teeth.