Dental Surgery

Our Ochota staff specializing in dental surgery includes:

Our Centrum staff specializing in dental surgery includes:

Dental surgery includes a series of procedures in the oral cavity. For most patients, it is associated only with teeth extraction, but its scope is definitely wider. In our clinic, we perform all dental surgical and maxillofacial procedures. Procedures are usually performed with local anaesthesia. Depending on the type of procedure and patient’s requests, it is possible to perform procedures with general anaesthesia under a constant supervision of an anaesthesia care team.

The main areas of interest in dental surgery:

  • tooth extraction and unerupted teeth removal,
  • root apex resection,
  • hemisection,
  • radiectomy,
  • periodontal surgery (e.g lingual frenectomy),
  • implantological surgery

The aim of dental surgery is not only to remove a tooth. In some cases, our surgeons can perform an implantation procedure for a removed tooth right after the extraction. It is an immediate implantation in a freshly uncovered dental alveolus. But usually, the first step is to remove a tooth and then, after 6 weeks and the period of healing, tooth implantation is performed. Benefits from such treatment include, above all, a smaller number of procedures needed and a shorter treatment time.

Thanks to the precision of our surgeons and the use of proper anaesthesia, procedures are completely pain-free. Most patients can go back to their everyday activities already a day after the procedure.

The team of our doctors use their best efforts to use tooth extraction as the last resort. If patients comply with the list of recommended check-up appointments after treatment, they can enjoy a beautiful smile for many years.