Paediatric Dentistry

Our Ochota staff specializing in paediatric dentistry includes:

Our Centrum staff specializing in paediatric dentistry includes:

Did you know that 9 out of 10 children struggle with tooth decay? We should not belittle this problem, even in case of deciduous teeth, as it negatively affects not only the condition of one’s oral cavity, but also general health condition. That is why we should develop our children’s habit of proper dental care and regular dentist appointments from the earliest age.

Paediatric dentistry in our clinic goes beyond the traditional level of treatment. Properly qualified dentists and equipment based on advanced technologies ensure quick, successful, and effective treatment. A dentist starts the treatment by making a diagnosis, based on which suitable methods are selected. Sometimes, root canal treatment or tooth extraction are not necessary.

Our services include the following treatments:

  • preventive procedures
  • pit and fissure sealing (children aged 6-8)
  • fluoridation
  • treatment with silver nitrate
  • treating deciduous and permanent teeth
  • endodontic treatment
  • deciduous and permanent teeth extraction.

We ensure high quality of service provided by professionals – thanks to that, the treatment is effective and performed in the atmosphere of comfort, with no fear or stress of the little ones (and their parents). Young patients need special approach, and dentist appointments may be really stressful for them, generating panic and fear. With this in mind, paediatric dentistry gains in importance in Dental Fraternity. We do our best to make the little ones feel comfortable in the office. We create a friendly atmosphere which relieves tension and negative emotions.

Our paediatric dentist has a great approach, shows great empathy and patience, which convinces all little patients to co-operate with the dentist without fear.