Preventive Dentistry

Our staff specializing in preventive dentistry includes:

Preventive dentistry plays a very important role. It prevents tooth decay and other diseases of oral cavity periodontium. It allows to eliminate bad breath and decreases discolouration caused by drinking coffee or tea, smoking, etc. We ensure a full scope of professional preventive procedures with the use of advanced and proven methods. The schedule of procedures is adjusted individually to each patient.

We offer the following preventive procedures:

  • scaling, i.e. removing calculus
  • sandblasting
  • tooth varnishing / fluoridation
  • instructions for maintaining oral cavity hygiene
  • tooth sealing

The above activities are also an introduction to teeth whitening. Oral cavity hygienization guarantees a whiter smile and teeth in perfect condition.

Instructions for maintaining oral cavity hygiene

The instructions include detailed information about the proper hygiene of oral cavity. After the examination, a hygienist individually chooses a suitable technique for brushing teeth. It differs depending on a patient’s needs, as well as on their teeth and periodontium condition. It shall be remembered that a toothbrush and toothpaste are not enough! It is very important to clean interdental areas with dental floss or interdental brushes. Cleaning your tongue is an extremely important element of oral cavity hygienization. It can be done with the use of tongue cleaners, which will remove tongue coating and oral debris.



is a procedure removing calculus. The accumulation of dental plaque deposits is very harmful for one’s oral cavity and the whole organism. Scaling is performed with the use of ultrasound devices. To prevent re-accumulation of dental plaque, teeth surfaces are polished with the use of brushes, pastes, or rubbers, ensuring a pleasant sense of smoothness.


is a procedure removing debris and discolouration. It often serves as a complementary procedure for scaling, as it is good at cleaning interdental spaces, where no other instrument or toothbrush can reach. Each process of sandblasting finishes with polishing all cleaned tooth surfaces.


means applying a special fluoride varnish with a high percentage of fluoride on the surface of all teeth. This procedure is performed both for children (deciduous and permanent teeth) and adults. Varnishing strengthens teeth and makes them more resistant to tooth decay. It is used mostly to prevent tooth decay and oversensitivity.


is a preventive procedure to seal grooves, fissures, and cavities in permanent teeth with the use of a special light-cured substance called a sealant. Sealing can be used in case of healthy teeth (molars and premolars). Sealing eliminates the possibility of developing bacteria in places which are hard to access. This procedure decreases the risk of tooth decay. Sealing is usually used in case of children, not later than 6 months from the eruption of a permanent tooth.

Our regular patients are aware that home prevention measures must be supported with professional preventive procedures performed in the office at least once a year. Together, we can do a lot and achieve spectacular results!