Our staff specializing in whitening includes:

Dental whitening has become one of the most popular dental procedures in Poland. Teeth as white as snow are now in fashion. It is one of the reasons why people, not only celebrities, take greater care of their teeth. With today’s technology, everybody can flash a shiny smile!

In Dental Fraternity, you can have your teeth whitened with the use of two methods:

  • in-office
  • at home (with onlays)

Both methods have generated huge interest among our patients. It is also possible to whiten dead teeth. Before the whitening procedure, teeth must be professionally cleaned in a dental hygiene office.

Home whitening is done by patients themselves in home conditions, at a freely chosen time during the day.
The first stage of preparing a patient to whitening is making teeth impressions in order to fabricate special, individual bars in a prosthetic lab. After preparing onlays and checking if they perfectly fit and adhere to patient’s teeth, the doctor provides them with the onlays and a whitening gel and detailed instructions for use of onlays and whitening agents. The doctor supervises the effects of the whitening during a check-up appointment planned immediately after finishing home whitening.

Professional whitening in the office is the most popular cosmetic treatment in today’s dentistry.
In-office whitening is performed in a dentist’s office during one visit. It is possible thanks to the use of advanced technology with blue light which activates the whitening gel, ensuring faster oxidation and, as a result, whitening. This method of whitening usually takes 60 to 90 minutes on average.

In Dental Fraternity, it is also possible to whiten dead teeth.

In case of dead teeth, a whitening agent is placed inside the tooth. Temporary fillings are used for the time of the whitening process. It should be remembered that a dead tooth must undergo a correct root canal treatment. After the tooth is whitened, a permanent filling is inserted. The number of visits for a patient who undergoes such whitening amounts to 2-4 appointments – the number of visits is individual for each patient, determined directly with the doctor.