lek. dent. Agnieszka Peret

Lekarka ikona

A graduate of the Medical University of Warsaw. From the beginning of her career, she has been devoted to improving her qualifications within the area of periodontology.

She obtained the title of a periodontology specialist in 2013 in the Mazowieckie Centre of Dentistry. For several years, she worked as a senior assistant, dentist specialization supervisor, and post-graduate intern supervisor in the Mazowieckie Centre of Dentistry.

Participating in numerous courses, she is actively improving her qualifications related to advanced surgical techniques for treating periodontium and within mucogingival surgery. She performs specialist periodontology procedures: bone regeneration, gingival recession coverage, vestibular deepening, gingivectomy/gingivoplasty, gingivoosteoplasty, lips and tongue frenuloplasty, teeth crown lengthening for prosthodontic treatment, removing tumours of mucous membranes, collecting samples for histopathology examinations.