lek. dent. Jan Nikodem Perek (Doctor of Dental Medicine, DMD)

A graduate of the Dentistry Division and the Faculty of Medicine of the Medical University of Warsaw.

A PhD student and assistant professor in the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Unit of the Medical University of Warsaw since 2004.

In 2011, Polish Osseointegration Assotiation OSIS granted doctor Perek a Certificate of Implantological Skills (Certyfikat Umiejętności Implatologicznych OSIS).

Doctor Perek continues to extend his knowledge, participating in many specialized courses on implantology and prosthodontics, both in Poland and abroad, e.g. at UCLA (California, USA), GiDE (Los Angeles, USA), the University of Gothenburg (Sweden).

For many years, he has been an acclaimed lecturer, conducting practical courses for medical doctors based on the best implantology systems and prosthodontic solutions.

He has performed over 2000 implanting procedures. He brings his patients back to health and restores not only the beauty of their smile, but also their joy of life, treating everybody with all his heart and great attention.